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Imagine how much easier your life and livelihood would be if you received immediately usable insights about regulatory polices from leading economists,
policy analysts, and legal experts. That’s what Regulation offers. Four times a year since 1977, it has examined every market, from environmental and labor law to health and transportation, and nearly every government intervention, from interstate commerce regulation to price controls.

Regulation guarantees the objective in-depth analysis you need to stay on top of regulatory and economic policymaking in Washington, D.C.

Click here for more information on Regulation, including access to back issues.

Click here for more information on Regulation, including access to back issues.

Cato Journal

Regulation and Cato JournalA unique and timely public policy journal for policymakers, scholars, and interested laypeople, the Cato Journal provides insightful and engaging analyses of key issues by leading experts three times each year. America’s leading free-market public policy journal since 1981, its topics run the gamut of public policy, from foreign policy and security to domestic issues like health care and education, not to mention economic freedom and international development concerns. The contributors are a veritable Who’s Who in business, government, and academia and have included Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, James M. Buchanan, Richard Epstein, and William Niskanen.

Click here for more information on Cato Journal, including access to back issues.

Click here for more information on Cato Journal, including access to back issues.

Cato Audio Every month, CatoAudio puts you right in the middle of important policy debates in Washington. Each hour-long CD brings you inside the Cato Institute for highlights from its dynamic, one-of-a-kind Policy Forums, speeches, debates, and conferences – with in-depth discussions from well-known political leaders, authors, political experts, pundits, journalists, and other nationally respected scholars.

Recently featured speakers include P. J. O’Rourke, John Stossel, Thomas Ricks, George Will, Alan Greenspan, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

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