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The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World's Poorest People Are Educating Themselves (Paperback)


James Tooley

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About the Book

Upon its release several years ago, The Beautiful Tree was instantly embraced and praised by individuals and organizations across the globe. James Tooley's extraordinary ability to braid together personal experience, community action, individual courage, and family devotion, brought readers to the very heart of education. This book follows Tooley in his travels from the largest shanty town in Africa to the mountains of Gansu, China, and of the children, parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs who taught him that the poor are not waiting for educational handouts. They are building their own schools and learning to save themselves. Now in paperback with a new postscript, The Beautiful Tree is not another book lamenting what has gone wrong in some of the world's poorest communities. It is a book about what is going right, and powerfully demonstrates how the entrepreneurial spirit and the love of parents for their children can be found in every corner of the globe.


About the Author

James Tooley is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and a professor of education policy at Newcastle University. There he is the director of the E. G. West Centre, which is dedicated to choice, competition, and entrepreneurship in education. Fresh out of college in the early 1980s, Tooley went to Zimbabwe to become a public school teacher. Now an award-winning scholar featured in PBS and BBC documentaries, he has written several books, and his work has been covered in Newsweek, the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. Building on his research, Tooley has dedicated himself to creating working models of innovative practice in low-cost private education, to help showcase its potential to extend access to and improve educational opportunities for all, including Omega Schools, a chain of low-cost private schools in Ghana.

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What Others Have Said

"A moving account of how poor parents struggle against great odds to provide a rich educational experience to their children."
-Publishers Weekly

"A masterpiece. When I talk to students I show them The Beautiful Tree and say that if they want to change the world for the better, this book should be their model."
-John Blundell, former director general of London's Institute of Economic Affairs, writing in the Claremont Review of Books