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An American Vision: Policies for the '90s (Paperback)


Edited by Edward H. Crane and David Boaz

About the Book
Too often, Washington policy initiatives involve merely marginal reforms. Policymakers and analysts alike concentrate on promoting compromise measures that would fine-tune existing programs but fail to challenge the status quo in any meaningful way. Policy myopia is pervasive.

This collection of essaysis a rarity in the policy arena -- it offers bold yet achievable initiatives designed to prompt fundamental change.

In An American Vision, 21 noted policymakers, scholars, and policy analysts stand back from the day-to-day tinkering of the Washington community to address the systemic defects that are at the root of many public policy problems. They outline a series of proposals that, taken as a whole, constitute a sweeping agenda for U.S. public policy in the 1990s and beyond.

About the Editors
Edward H. Crane is founder and president and David Boaz executive vice president of the Cato Institute.
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What Others Have Said
"Hooray for Cato for talking about the right things at the right time in the right way. An American Vision is timely, compelling, and aimed straight at the heart of public policy in the '90s."
--Peggy Noonan, Former Speechwriter for George Bush

"A collection of essays that provides a genuinely exciting vision for the United States. The closing piece by George Gilder is a fabulous refutation of those who think the United States is in decline."
--Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr., Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Forbes