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America Entangled: The Persian Gulf War and Its Consequences (Paperback)


Edited by Ted Galen Carpenter

About the Book
Despite the United States' quick military victory, many disturbing questions remain about our involvement in the Persian Gulf region. Instead of being swept away by the notion that the Persian Gulf War heralds an era of prolonged, unquestioned U.S. dominance in world affairs, Americans should soberly address that war and its implications. The contributors to this book believe there must be a full national debate on the rationale for America's new world order and on the costs and risks of that strategy.

Contributors to the book include, Doug Bandow, Michael E. Canes, Ted Galen Carpenter, Rosemary Fiscarelli, Leon T. Hadar, David R. Henderson. Robert E. Hunter, Gene R. LaRocque, Christopher Layne, Charles William Maynes, William A. Niskanen, Peter Riddell, Sheldon L. Richman, Gerald F. Seib, and Richard K. Thomas.

About the Editor
Ted Galen Carpenter is vice president for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute.
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